Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Your First Dance!

There is just one dance teacher and choreographer I entrust my clients to, and have done for years, and that is Jamie Meek. Over the years, he has created routines from the simple to the acrobatic for my clients' first dances. I always suggest at least one dance lesson to my clients, even if they are proficient dancers. It gives confidence while all eyes are on them if they have a rehearsed routine that they can relax and enjoy performing. I have had many grooms claim that they have two left feet and no swing in their hips, but it would seem none of them have been a challenge to Jamie. I always enjoy seeing the pleasure the couple take from dancing together, it's a rare opportunity and one to be cherished, so make the most of it! Jamie has recently launched his 'Star of the Party' service. Aside from First Dances, Jamie can also choreograph 'Flash Mob' sequences for proposals, ceremonies and receptions. A fun addition to your special day. For more information on Jamie's service go to www.staroftheparty.com

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